The atmosphere and elegance of professional sumo

The Yoshibayama Dojo that was established by the 43rd yokozuna Yoshibayama and was, at the time, even called the Yoshiba Goten. After retiring and becoming a toshiyori (sumo elder) Miyagino, he changed to the name to Miyagino-beya (Miyagino Stable) in 1960. As Kappo Yoshiba, the historic all-cypress building still remains in the original form it had when it was built. You can still fully experience the atmosphere of the time.
Kappo Yoshiba's Specialty: Authentic Dohyo

Entertainment in the store (Sumo Jinku (sumo-themed songs), Tsugaru jamisen, Yoshiba Yose,Grand piano live performance)

We have arranged for entertainment with which you can fully enjoy the traditions of professional sumo and Japanese culture. Please enjoy the exceptional food and have a pleasant time that is far from ordinary.
The schedule of in-store entertainment may change. Thank you for your understanding.

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